1Serviam’s Lenten Recollection was attended by a significant number of members last March 22, 2014 at the San Carlos Lay Force Chapel, preceded by a ‘kumpisalangbayan’ with three (3) priests.

The afternoon affair was led by Fr. Anton, Serviam’s Spiritual Director. He led the community into a reflection on Lent and the ministrations of our faith – from encountering the Lord and transformation, to how confession is actually instantaneous transformation, and that the traditions of almsgiving, fasting, and the celebration of the Eucharist leading to the same.

He discussed that the Transformational Model of Servant Leadership is a journey, from Personal to One-On-One, to Team, and to Organizational Leadership.

His extensive discussion of the four (4) domains of Servant Leadership challenged each one present to question and reflect how we fare in the scheme of the 4 domains.   Read More






The Servant Leader PaintingIt is often said that the quest for the meaning of life—the need to answer (for one’s self) the question “What is my life for?”—is one that everyone undertakes at one point or another. Two great leaders: one a celebrated leader of the universal church, the other a distinguished lay leader, serendipitously found themselves kindred spirits in their answer, “I will serve!”

At the height of his influence, Jaime Cardinal Sin was looking for a community to help sustain the momentum of his work with the poorest of the poor. At that same time Antonio “Sonny” De Los Reyes was, in his own right, a noted champion of the country’s underprivileged. So, when the Cardinal invited Sonny to form a community dedicated to serving the disadvantaged, these two spiritual giants formed the Serviam community, which was named after the Cardinal’s personal motto. Read More




Serviam Donation for Yolanda Victims

 Serviam Donations for Yolanda Victims

as of Jan 20, 2014

 As of Jan 14, 2013
 P 1,132,895.00
 Serviam Members
 P      10,000.00
Total as of Jan 20, 2014
 P 1,142,895.00

(May 6, 2014) – Bible Timeline 18: Messianic Fulfillment 1


Members, come join us in the The Bible Timeline study!

May 6, 2014 (Tuesday. 4:30 – 7:00PM)  in SDSA, Room – 9
Please pre-register.

  • The Bible is not just any story – it is YOUR story.
  • Do you want to discover how to read it all the way through?
  • You will discover God’s plan for your life as you discover His amazing story.  Read More

(May 2-4, 2014) – Singles Encounter 12

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