Most Rev. Raul Martirez revealed to Serviam last Tuesday as he talked about the characteristics of Jesus’ doubtful disciple, Thomas, who was said to have a twin. When the Serviam members’ laughter subsided, the Bishop added, “It is also, Raul… in other words, the twin brother of Thomas is you and I.”

The talk of Bishop-Emeritus Raul Jose Quimpo Martirez last April 29 at the Santuario de San Antonio was about that Sunday’s Gospel – the appearance of Jesus to his ten disciples, and later to his eleven disciples, that included Thomas.

Didymus in reference to Thomas meant “twin” in Hebrew. Even when the identity of Thomas’ twin was unknown, it was implied that his twin must have had the same characteristics as he had. Thomas’ twin must have also doubted and acted like a wise guy. He or she might have preferred to be alone, moped and hid when in pain or troubled, which is the same reason why Thomas was not present on Christ’  first appearance. Lastly, his twin must also have been honest enough to speak about his disbelief about Jesus’ resurrection. But when he finally saw Jesus, he must have also recognized Him as his Lord and God, the way Thomas did.  Bishop Martinez concluded, “We are all like Thomas. I am proud to be the twin brother of Thomas!” Read More




The Servant Leader PaintingIt is often said that the quest for the meaning of life—the need to answer (for one’s self) the question “What is my life for?”—is one that everyone undertakes at one point or another. Two great leaders: one a celebrated leader of the universal church, the other a distinguished lay leader, serendipitously found themselves kindred spirits in their answer, “I will serve!”

At the height of his influence, Jaime Cardinal Sin was looking for a community to help sustain the momentum of his work with the poorest of the poor. At that same time Antonio “Sonny” De Los Reyes was, in his own right, a noted champion of the country’s underprivileged. So, when the Cardinal invited Sonny to form a community dedicated to serving the disadvantaged, these two spiritual giants formed the Serviam community, which was named after the Cardinal’s personal motto. Read More




Serviam Donation for Yolanda Victims

 Serviam Donations for Yolanda Victims

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(July 15, 2014) – Bible Timeline 22: The Church 2


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