WORD: Servant leaders open their hearts to the transforming and renewing power of the Holy Spirit
THEME: The Holy Spirit empowers Servant Leaders to boldly proclaim the good news to the whole world.
PROMISE: "Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my Heavenly Father" Matthew 10:32


We are called by the Father in Jesus Christ
to be a charismatic community of servant leaders
who love, teach and serve His people
as empowered by the Holy Spirit.


To build communities of the Lord
through worship, formation and ministry
and embrace servant leadership as a way of life.






Charism & Core Values

Humility and Obedience  •  Spirit-Led & Word-Based  •  Righteous Governance

Fairness | Integrity | Accountability | Transparency

Excellence in Service • Good Stewardship

Gratitude | Responsibility | Generosity

Prayerfulness and Discernment  •  Compassion for the Poor  •  Fidelity to the Church  •  Marian  •  Zeal for Community and Mission