WORD: The Light of Christ inspires and guides His people into worship and service
THEME: Servant Leaders dramatize the Light of Christ by spiritedly rejoicing in the Lord
PROMISE: "Today is holy to our Lord... Rejoice, for He will be your strength." Neh 8:10b

Serviam Today

Serviam Today

Bishop Tagle and COS

Sonny De Los Reyes’ legacy, of a well-ordered system of governance, continues till today. After his sudden death in 2006, Leonardo “Ding” Sanchez was asked to complete Sonny’s term as Community Servant Leader. Ding Sanchez, with his wife, Marilou, would be later asked to take on another term as Community Servant Leader in 2008. Jimmy and Cecile Tomas, then-Deputy Community Servant Leaders during Ding Sanchez’s term, took over in 2011. Dodo and Winn Mondoñedo, the Community’s previous Deputy (Community) Servant Leaders, have recently assumed the position this January 2013. With help from Barbara De Los Reyes, our Advisory Elder and the Council of Servant Leaders (COSL), the Community continues its work of evangelization, healing and shepherding to those in need.

Tommy and Lulu Carrasco are currently serving as Community Servant Leaders, having been appointed in 2015.

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