WORD: The light of Christ reveals the glory of God to His people.
THEME: Servant Leaders humbly offer themselves in righteousness to God.
PROMISE: “…For He will be a refiner’s fire…He will sit refining them like gold or silver that they may bring offerings to the Lord in righteousness…” Mal 3:2b-3

April Reflection: He is Risen!

April Reflection: He is Risen!
April 6, 2018 Comments Off on April Reflection: He is Risen! Latest Posts,Reflection Serviam Community


“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good…”
Psalm 118:1

“Seek what is above…;
think of what is above,
not of what is on earth.”
Col 3:1,2


Re-emphasize the value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and partake of the Eucharist as often as we can. Pursue the positive resolutions made during the Lenten season. Have a ‘heavenly’ mindset and develop a life of continual discipline.


Christ is risen! Halleluiah!

The whole Christendom is rejoicing because our Lord Jesus has resurrected and has triumphed over sin and death. His resurrection gives our faith an objective basis. We all will rise, because Jesus has risen: “He who has raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give new life to your mortal bodies through His indwelling Spirit.” 1Cor 15:12-22

This conviction is the source of our hope. That is why we, as Christians, are oftentimes called the “resurrection” people.

Happy Easter!