WORD: The light of Christ reveals the glory of God to His people.
THEME: Servant Leaders humbly offer themselves in righteousness to God.
PROMISE: “…For He will be a refiner’s fire…He will sit refining them like gold or silver that they may bring offerings to the Lord in righteousness…” Mal 3:2b-3

Blue Sky & Blue Mountain Planning for 2015-2017

Blue Sky & Blue Mountain Planning for 2015-2017
January 25, 2015 Comments Off on Blue Sky & Blue Mountain Planning for 2015-2017 Community News,Latest Posts Serviam Community

Blue Sky & Blue Mountain Planning

The recently concluded Serviam Leadership Team Planning reignited the flame of faith among the Community servant leaders to continue to be a force for unity to achieve their vision and goals.

With the survey results on Serviam’s strengths and areas for improvements as inputs, the Spirit filled and fruitful Blue Sky planning 2015-17 was held on August 2-3, 2014 at the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City. Attended by 26 members of the Serviam Foundation Board of Trustees and the Council of Servant Leaders, the weekend produced the Community directions for 2015-2017.

“Why Blue Sky thinking?” asked Community Servant Leader Tommy Carrasco. “This week-end, we aim for clear, not gray or cloudy vision for our Community. With upward gaze, we discern for the Spirit’s directions on celestial truth, that should inspire us to plan for at least the 3 year medium term. Is our desired future aligned to His will?”

From the community directions, the different apostolate servant leaders developed their directions which became the input in the Leadership Team’s Blue Mountain Planning held on October 4-5, 2014 at the SIL. Fifty (50) servant leaders from the COSL and the Household of Stewards attended the weekend program and came up with apostolate goals, programs and calendar for 2015.

“Why Blue Mountains?” Jesus often went to the mountains to pray regularly before embarking on a task toward His mission. The mountains are reachable, with a broad inspiring view of the valley & the sky, just like our year long plans should be.” Tommy Carrasco emphasized.

Valuable and welcome is the renewed emphasis on the Serviam vision by our Advisory Elder, Barbara de los Reyes, as she outlined the circumscribed areas in which the current leadership may achieve through the strategic, resourceful, and creative use of our strengths and resources. “It is important that we align our vision, we cannot have two or three visions, for when we have other visions, we have division,” she said.

Our spiritual positioning is Spirit-led charismatic community of Servant Leaders and our strength is Formation, we should be well-known in forming servant leaders.

Fr. Anton Pascual, once more presented the leadership with a stretch goal, “Our spiritual positioning is Spirit-led charismatic community of Servan Leaders and our strength is Formation, we should be well-known in forming servant leaders. The second is on Pastoral Care to take care of our members through the use of technology making them of one mind and one heart. The 3rd leg is the organizational structure, having some chapters so that we can be more easily accessed by our members that should sustain our time, talent and treasure.”

Light moments balance the planning session. Bai de los Reyes leads the charade game

Before proceeding to discuss the flow of partnership from blue sky thinking to blue mountains planning to green fields application, facilitator Lulu Carrasco said: “With a shared understanding of what Serviam is and how it should evolve, we will adopt an innovative thinking approach on current key issues with consequence in medium term. A good sharing and sowing of information will result to informed decision making, the ultimate outcome of which should be a good harvest.”

The participants outlined programs that include the recruitment of servant leaders potentials, long term retention of members through pastoral care, servant leadership development for succession, stronger Houshold of Stewards and

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