WORD: The light of Christ reveals the glory of God to His people.
THEME: Servant Leaders humbly offer themselves in righteousness to God.
PROMISE: “…For He will be a refiner’s fire…He will sit refining them like gold or silver that they may bring offerings to the Lord in righteousness…” Mal 3:2b-3

Frequently Asked Questions on SLC3

Frequently Asked Questions on SLC3
November 6, 2017 Comments Off on Frequently Asked Questions on SLC3 Latest Posts,Servant Leadership,SLC3 Serviam Community

What is Servant Leadership?

Servant leadership is an act of service or a way of leading which ensures that other people’s highest priority needs are being acted upon, according to author Kent Keith. Vision & values are established upfront and common goals are shared by both the servant leader and his followers. The difference is the intent to serve first, then to aspire to lead.

What is the Servant Leadership Conference about?

The Conference brought together and create an awareness among  leaders from the various sectors all over the country on the meaning and importance of Servant Leadership.

The 2015 Conference is the 2nd of a series of conferences on Servant Leadership as part of Serviam Foundation’s advocacy to propagate Servant Leadership as a way of life in all facets of society, i.e, the family, in government, business, church, media, etc.

The 1st Conference was held in June, 2013 with the theme, Servant Leadership in the Year of Faith with Church leaders as the target market.

Why ‘in Business?’

Pope Francis said: “Business leaders have a noble vocation; they create wealth that should be used to share prosperity and serve the least among our people.” The conference will showcase the principles and practices of servant leadership as successfully applied in business.


What can we learn by attending the SL Conference in Business?

The Conference hopes to impart the meaning and relevance of Servant Leadership in business.  It aims to instill among the participants the desire and commitment to practice Servant Leadership as a calling in one’s personal life and workplace. The conference will open up points for discussion, and for action once back in office after the weekend.

What are the topics and who are the speakers in the Conference?

Our keynote speaker is Serviam Foundation’s chairman, Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, who spoke on “Authenticity in Business: How Can One Be Real in a Virtual World?”.




Thank you for your interest on the Servant Leadership in Public Service Conference.