WORD: The Light of Christ inspires and guides His people into worship and service
THEME: Servant Leaders dramatize the Light of Christ by spiritedly rejoicing in the Lord
PROMISE: "Today is holy to our Lord... Rejoice, for He will be your strength." Neh 8:10b

Servant Leadership In Public Service (SLC2)

Servant Leadership In Public Service (SLC2)
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July 2-3, 2015, Thursday – Friday
Servant Leadership in Public Service Conference

“It is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good.” -Pope Francis

The Conference will bring together and create an awareness among over 1,000 leaders in government on the importance & relevance of Servant Leadership in public service. It aims to instill among the participants the
desire and commitment to practice Servant Leadership as a calling in one’s personal life. It will open up points for discussion, and for action in public service after the weekend.

The Conference is the 2nd of a series of conferences on Servant Leadership as part of Serviam Foundation’s advocacy to propagate Servant Leadership as a way of life in all facets of society, ie, the family, in government, business, church, media & others.

Building Trust through Responsible Governance. The Practice of Servant Leadership in Government.


Keynote speech by Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle : Servant Leadership for the Common Good






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